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Product Model:


TP 6000 mAh Dual USB Output Power Supply

    Product Specification:

  • Capacity

    6000 mAh

  • Battery Type


  • Input

    DC 5V/1A

  • Output

    DC 5V /1A/2A

  • Weight


  • Dimensions




                                                     TP 6000 mAh Dual USB Output Power Supply






High Capacity


6000mAh  rechargeable  power  capacity, giving your phone enough juice to keep it running. This power bank can charge your iPhone5 3-4 times, or charge your Samsung Calaxy S4 2 times.














Superior Performances


Compact design , super portable , easy to hold in your hand. Dual USB output: fast and fun to charge two smartphones at the same times. LED torch inside to cut through the darkness.














Excellent Compatibility


The two USB output ports are universal and compatible with almost any smart device with an input of DC 5V,e.g. smartphones,5V tablets, PSP, Bluetooth speakers &headphones, Google glass, and MP3/MP4 players.