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Product Model:


TP 10000 mAh Lightweight Portable USB Battery Charger

    Product Specification:

  • Capacity


  • Battery Type


  • Input

    DC 5V/1A

  • Output

    DC 5V/2A

  • Weight

    Max: 234.3g

  • Dimensions




                                                     TP 10000 mAh Lightweight Portable USB Battery Charger





Power on the Go


Sufficient power of 10000mah can keep your smartphone running through the day. Surfing the web, checking your email, and making a phone call, make your phone battery low, you can boost the power with this portable power supply.












Light in the Dark


Included a built-in LED, that will light up should you find yourself in any dark dwellings or are unable to locate the place to insert your keys.












 Ultra Compact


The powerbar with higher density cells and efficiency 10% above other brands to put more juice in the same, portable design.