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Product Model:


TP 6500mAh Fashionable Power Bank with Pearly Surface

    Product Specification:

  • Capacity


  • Battery Type


  • Input

    DC 5V/1A

  • Output

    DC 5V/1A/2A

  • Weight


  • Dimensions


TP 6500mAh Fashionable  Power Bank with Pearly Surface

Modern Design


Coated with a pearly surface , this power bank PA003 is sleek and fashionable, the perfect combination of color and design make this item stand out beautifully. This perfect apperance design does not make it fade, easily held in one hand.

Big Capacity but Ultra-Slim


This slim power bank features a 6500mAh capacity, which makes it incredibly easy to carry in your wallet, pocket or bag for outdoor actions wherever you are.

Charging on the Go


With the huge capacity of 6500 mAh, this powerful external battery charger can power up any of your 5V mobile devices like smartphones, tablets anytime, anywhere,including camping holidays and music festivals.