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  • PA617

Product Model:


TP fashionable 13000mAh Portable Power Source

    Product Specification:

  • Capacity


  • Battery Type


  • Input


  • Output

    DC 5V/1A/2A

  • Weight


  • Dimensions


TP fashionable 13000mAh Portable Power Source

Aesthetic Design

Coated with a pearly surface structure, this power bank PA617 is sleek and smooth, you can feel in the palm of your hand. This perfect design make it do not fade and be easily held in one hand.

Enough Power

With the capacity of 13000mAh, this dual output power station can charge most smartphones 7-8times, or Iphone 5S 5.5 times, charge Samsung galaxy S4 3.5 times, or Ipad Mini 1.5 times, keep your gadgets running all day.

Super portable

This palm sized compact design can slip into your pocket easily and be carried anywhere you go. Or you can hold both this power bank and your smartphone in one hand when you are on the move.